Sunday, 1 August 2010

Rainbow Lucite Flower Necklace and The A-Team

Hi Readers,

I've decided to join the A-Team, also known as the Folksy August listing club! For anyone reading this who doesn't know what that is, for every day in August, we list a new item in our stores and help promote each other!

My listing today was this pretty Rainbow Lucite Flower Necklace:

I hope you like it, my mum loves it, and she is hoping nobody buys it so she can have it, but I can make her a similar one for christmas and surprise her, so don't be put off buying, I'd love to sell this!

It's very early in the day, but I am away for the week with work training and I have packing to do, but here are some of my favourites so far from the first day of A-Teaming! Click the images to be taken to their shops!

Such pretty combs from Ickle Imogen, I do love this store, loads of pretty fascinators!

I love the beads on this beautiful Necklace by Maxine Veronica

This from Hart Jewellery is so pretty, pink is one of my favourite colours, definitely something I would wear myself!

OK, it's a bit jewellery focussed, sorry, I just love jewellery, I'll try feature some other items when I'm back at home next weekend!

Have a lovely day!
Stacey x

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Folksy Friday - Ducks

In slightly selfish vain because I wanted to promote my beautiful duck earrings I posted way back in April when I first joined Folksy, I decided to do a Folksy Friday about ducks this week!

Here are my earrings:

And here is my lovely selection of pretty ducks for this week:

Hope you like! Click the images to go to the store!

Stacey x

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

New Butterfly Necklace and June Loons Challenge!


New Necklace from me!

I'm also going to attempt to list an item a day, even if I can't do the blogging enough to be able to class it as part of the June Loons challenge on Folksy.

Here are some of my favourite items from today from the June Loons:

So many lovely items to choose from, that was so hard! Hopefully I will have time to post some more lovely items tomorrow!

Stacey x

Monday, 31 May 2010

World Cup Time - Come on England


Todays listing on Folksy is beautiful England inspired white glass round and oval pearl beaded necklace, with a cute red acrylic butterfly down the side, all strung on white tigertail.

I wanted to make something to show my support for England, but in a girly way, because it can't all be about the boys can it!

Come on England!

Stacey x

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Balls and Chain Necklace

Hi Readers,

My first new item, and blog post, for nearly a month now! I've been hiding out a little, making new jewellery and working way too hard in my other job!

I just listed a chunky bead necklace, which is made up of metal, plastic and cotton beads in a rainbow of colours.

Available now in my Folksy store 

Hope you like it as much as I do, I'm now out of cotton beads, but I am tempted to go purchase another set and make myself one of these!

Stacey x

Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Jewellery Angel arrives!

Hello dearies,

My first ever blog post about my (real life - all will be explained below!) jewellery!

Thought I better start with an introduction, I'm Stacey, aka The Jewellery Angel. I live in a little village about half way in between Huddersfield and Leeds in lovely West Yorkshire, and by day I'm a presales co-ordinator at an IT company.

My venture into jewellery actually began with creating jewellery in Second Life, which for those of you who don't know what Second Life is, it's a virtual community where users can interact with each other and basically live a second life, and creativity is rife, it's great! Anyway, I've been making jewellery on there for a few years now, under the store name Jodiefied Designs (Jodie Greenwood is my name in SL for anyone who ventures into that world too! and I wondered how easy it would be to move that into the real world, and after spending a fortune on beads and tools, and hours and hours reading how to guides online, here I am!

After about 6 months, and friends telling me I should sell my jewellery, I decided to set up on Folksy under the name the Jewellery Angel (couldn't go for Jodiefied Designs when I'm called Stacey really!), and now this blog is born!

I hope you like my items, custom jewellery always available, drop me a message and we'll see what we can do!

Thanks for visiting, I will post my jewellery here for all to see moving forward as and when my creative juices flow and I make lovely items for sale!