Sunday, 1 August 2010

Rainbow Lucite Flower Necklace and The A-Team

Hi Readers,

I've decided to join the A-Team, also known as the Folksy August listing club! For anyone reading this who doesn't know what that is, for every day in August, we list a new item in our stores and help promote each other!

My listing today was this pretty Rainbow Lucite Flower Necklace:

I hope you like it, my mum loves it, and she is hoping nobody buys it so she can have it, but I can make her a similar one for christmas and surprise her, so don't be put off buying, I'd love to sell this!

It's very early in the day, but I am away for the week with work training and I have packing to do, but here are some of my favourites so far from the first day of A-Teaming! Click the images to be taken to their shops!

Such pretty combs from Ickle Imogen, I do love this store, loads of pretty fascinators!

I love the beads on this beautiful Necklace by Maxine Veronica

This from Hart Jewellery is so pretty, pink is one of my favourite colours, definitely something I would wear myself!

OK, it's a bit jewellery focussed, sorry, I just love jewellery, I'll try feature some other items when I'm back at home next weekend!

Have a lovely day!
Stacey x